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Customer Reviews

I had a session with Sachiyo two weeks ago.

I had a transformational moment.


It was like Sachiyo put my garbage out.

Afterward, I felt positive energy and I realized that it was me hold me back.


In the session, I had an epiphany that the disappointment in my personal life was holding me back from feeling happy again.


Sachiyo helped me to let go of the past, and now I focus on a positive future.


I was as feeling torn between moving back to my parent's house and staying in with my fiance.


I could not figure out what to do.


It was tearing my relationship apart causing severe anxiety.


Even though I am 3000 miles away, Sachiyo was able to reach out settle my restlessness.


I realize after our session together, that I belong with my fiance. We are getting married when COVID is over.

さちよ 幸与 Sachiyo リーディング ヒーリング 継続 コーチング カナダ

I wasn't feeling right emotionally.

A friend recommended speaking to Sachiyo.


I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong with me.

I felt anxious and confused.


Within 10 minutes of my video call with Sachiyo, she understood which chakra was blocked.


Once Sachiyo cleared that, she showed me a way to think more positively, I feel my sense of purpose has returned to me and my family.

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Sachiyo is amazing and positive.

It starts to work right away.


Her intuitive insightful, guidance cleared my mind clutter.


I was not aware of the limitations I was creating for myself until she brought my awareness into the session.


I feel invigorated by releasing all that negative energy that has been building up for years.


Now I wake up happy and excited to face the day without fear or anxiety.

sachiyo canada toronto inner healing clearing

I was carrying a weight of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) causing the end of several relationships.


During the session, Sachiyo identified almost immediately the distraction of an important relationship was being caused by my affliction.


She helped me to reset my thinking and bought to my awareness what I really want and put me on the path of new healthier relationships.


As a man, It’s not easy to talk to friends and family about my inner feelings.


I felt so comfortable with Sachiyo because of her ability to draw those feelings out.


Thank you Sachiyo.

You changed my life.

aschiyo toronto healer business coaching

I would have never thought about trying a healing session.


A friend of mine recommended Sachiyo.


I had misgivings on my career and marriage.

I was not sure what to expect but my friend highly recommended her.


She guided me to organize my thinking and feelings.


It was very simple and effective.

I was complicating things too much.


She showed me how to get in touch with my true feelings and prioritized what’s important in my life.


Thank you, Sachiyo


I was at a crossroads in my life.


My mother passed suddenly. Afterward, my husband and I were constantly fighting, I did not know which way to turn.


After my session with Sachiyo, I knew what to do.  


My marriage has improved 100%.


Sachiyo helped me release my grief from my mother's death.

Sachiyo has made it possible to address the mourning.


I feel optimistic about the future.

さちよ ヒーリング カナダ トロント リーディング コンサルテーション 魂のコー

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